EonStor GSc: The Perfect Companion for Archiving High-Res Surveillance Videos to the Cloud

New Taipei City, Taiwan, 6th November 2018 –Infortrend® Technology, Inc. (TWSE: 2495) today announces EonStor GScHybrid Cloud Storage Appliance has been successfully deployed for a large NVR integration project to archive videos generated by 2,000 4K cameras to the cloud on a daily basis.

The requirements are fully satisfied with just 4 units of GSc with dual-controller redundant design. Each controller delivers throughput of up to 300 MB/s and connects to 250 cameras. If one controller fails, the other takes over to ensure non-stop video recording. Each camera produces 40 GB of high-quality video daily, with a total of 80 TB of video recordings for daily archiving to the cloud. In addition, a cache policy must be set up to preserve 50 TB of local space and retain 5 days of videos for fast retrieval.

In this project, GSc’s advantages are clear. As a local storage, GSc delivers no-single-point-of-failure design and high throughput that supports 24/7 massive recordings by 2,000 4K cameras. It also supports common access protocols and easily integrates with any NVR.

As a cloud storage gateway, GSc archives massive surveillance videos during off-peak hours to save valuable bandwidth and offers advanced cache policy settings of the cloud storage behavior. For example, you can set a policy to block temporary files generated by NVR to upload to the cloud, or you can set a policy to cache frequently-accessed videos in the local for faster access. GSc currently supports connectivity to major cloud service providers such as Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Openstack Swift, and Alibaba Cloud.

“With GSc, archiving high-resolution surveillance videos to the cloud has never been easier. Enterprises can adjust storage resources between local and cloud dynamically to achieve optimal balance between cost and benefit”, said Thomas Kao, Senior Director of Product Planning.

Click here for more details about EonStor GSc Storage Family.


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